Kevin Lee Stone


CenterSnap: Single-Shot Multi-Object 3D Shape Reconstruction and Categorical 6D Pose and Size Estimation (2022)

A Learned Stereo Depth System for Robotic Manipulation in Homes (2021)

SimNet: Enabling Robust Unknown Object Manipulation from Pure Synthetic Data via Stereo (2021)

Learning Rope Manipulation Policies Using Dense Object Descriptors Trained on Synthetic Depth Data (2020)

A mobile manipulation system for one-shot teaching of complex tasks in homes (2019)


CNET - Toyota Research Institute's latest robots can't be fooled by clear packaging or mirrors. That's a breakthrough (2021)

TRI Blog - Seeing Clearly: Advancing Robotic Stereo Vision (2021)

TRI Blog - Enabling Real-World Object Manipulation with Sim-to-Real Transfer (2021)

TRI Blog - Teaching Home Robots with Programmable Data (2021)

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SimNet - Enabling 3D Perception

Learned Stereo for Mobile Manipulation

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SimNet - Enabling 3D perception

Learned Stereo for Mobile Manipulation


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